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Do you have a collection of china that you are thinking of selling? Ring the manager of Goss & Crested China, Andrew Pine, for a quote today on 07455 635082.

Established in 1970 the Goss & Crested China Club have been the leading dealers in Heraldic Porcelain and we are the leading authority on the subject, having published the definitive encyclopaedias for both Crested and Goss China and numerous other books.

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Goss and Crested China
The story behind Goss & Crested China is a fascinating one. The quality of the porcelain is excellent and given the conditions it was made in at the time, quite remarkable. Most of the pieces available today are now over 100 years old, and even the WW1 memorabilia is coming up to its centenary.

Goss & Crested China Club
Why Not join the Goss & Crested China Club?

£18 for 1 Year or Reduced Price of £28 for 2 Years. (Overseas £24 for 1 year, £40 for 2 years)

You will receive the bimonthly illustrated Sales Catalogue with hundreds of pieces for sales at bargain prices, plus lots of special offers.

For more information about the Goss & Crested China Club and the sales catalogue (including back issues) please use the form on the 'Requests' page to express your interest and we will get back to you.

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